2019 Music House Tuition: $3,500

Tuition to Music House is all-inclusive, covering:

  • Private, on-campus lodging
  • Three buffet meals per day
  • Four (4) hour-long private lessons with Philadelphia Orchestra members
  • Chamber ensemble and orchestra rehearsals led by members of The Philadelphia Orchestra
  • Numerous music classes, seminars with Project 440, master classes, solo performance and competition opportunities, and pre-scheduled off-campus outings

Student is responsible for all transportation costs to and from Music House at the Philadelphia International Music Festival (PIMF). Airport transportation to and from Music House may be purchased via your on-line account upon completion of Music House registration process.

Tuition fees may be paid over a period of up to nine months, should participants choose one of three automated, no-interest payment plans available during online registration.

Commuter Fee: $2,900
For those electing to participate in the full Music House program while residing off campus. Please note that the Music House commuter fee includes lunch and dinner meals each day, but not breakfast.

A $250 deposit is required to complete your registration. Please note that you should not register until you have submitted your audition (see Audition Information) and received an acceptance letter. Once a participant is accepted into the program and registers through the provided link, he or she will receive a detailed confirmation packet outlining festival details, scheduling information, etc. Confirmation packets are sent via e-mail, typically within 24-48 hours of registration.

Partial, need-based scholarships are available. However, it is recommended that an audition be completed first to determine eligibility for acceptance and scholarship offerings. Please feel free to contact our offices for further information.

Music House is open to college students and young professionals, as well as graduating high school seniors who play at an advanced level.